Welcome to Creating Lively Passover Seders! By David Arnow

New to 2nd Edition

In addition to extensive modification throughout, the 2nd Edition includes five 
new chapters, each full of questions for discussion and other activities to
enliven your Seders. 

 New Chapters

A Dish for the Ages: The Seder Plate
Confused? • Experiment with Your Plate • A Taste of History
• Why Does This Plate Differ from That One?

Moses in the Haggadah: The Human Role in Redemption
Where’s Moses? • “Not By an Angel . . .” • Why Minimize Moses? • Fresh
Readings:The Haggadah and the Human Role in the Exodus • The Covenantal
Context of Redemption • Righteous Women,Apple Trees and
• Purim
in the Haggadah • In Every Generation • Five Midrashic Voices on Redemption

Dayyenu: It Would Have Sufficed
First Songs:The Song at the Sea and Dayyenu • Roots?
• Why Fifteen Divine
Favors? • Dayyenu as Microcosm
• Sinai Without Torah:Would It Have Sufficed?

Passover without a Seder: The Paschal Sacrifice
Passover in Egypt • In Temple Times • The Passover Rite • Sources on
Sacrifice • Sacrifice in Our Lives Today

Two Seder Songs: Echad Mi Yodea and Chad Gadya
Echad Mi Yodea: Mysterious Origins • A Night of Numbers
Counting What Matters • The Ba’al Shem Tov • Chad Gadya: Inspiration?
• Came the Commentators • Modern Voices
• The Haggadah’s Last Word:A World of Eternal Life